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Download the Legacy Standard Edition for free.
Get the free download or order the Deluxe version for $19.95 (about £11).
Other options with mauals, training CD's and videos are also available.
Fully featured, easy to use, free Standard version or economical Deluxe version.
Amazing software - great support - just try it!

Genealogy software (such as Legacy) enables you to record and store your family tree, and for the data to be imported and exported in the standard genealogy GEDCOM format. You can also produce a range of charts and trees.
Modern genealogy software, including Legacy, will also prepare web pages for uploading to your web-site.
Currently we are still using the Ged2HTML software from the GENDEX ged2html web site for this web phase, in order to maintain the style we established several years ago. It is free, but can be registered for a nominal US20$. (Note - getting the right options can be time-consuming for the effect you require). The web pages generated can then be uploaded to your web site.
Both are excellent prodcts - that we recommend to you. - we use them.
The data upon which our family tree is based is available
for download from this site.
Get Legacy v5.0
Find out about Legacy genealogy software from Millenia.
Download it now

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