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Hampton-on-the-Hill is the main hamlet in the parish of Budbrooke. 
It was the location of Grove Park, a large estate, which from 1615 belonged to the Dormer family.  The house was re-built about 1830 but has now been demolished. Many of the masters family worked on the Grove Park estate.
See the story of Thomas Masters, the burglar.
Hampton-on-the-Hill is also the location of St. Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic Church constructed in 1812, close to the entrance of the Grove Park estate.
BMSGH Monumental Inscriptions for Hampton-on-the-Hill
Old School House There is also a school house established from the will of Job Maston of Hall Green, Yardley, Worcestershire (now Birmingham), dated 24th May 1701, (not related as far as we know).  This was  one of the earliest elementary schools and open to all children that wished to attend.
Old School House
Photograph 1998
See Map of Budbrooke, Hampton-on-the-Hill and Norton Lindsey
BMSGH - Monumental inscriptions for St Charles Borromeo, Hampton-on-the-Hill
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